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ITA was initially proposed at the first International Triticale Symposium at Sydney University by the late Norman Darvey and others in 1986.

Formal ratification and international support was verified at the Eucarpia Triticale meeting in Schwerin in 1987 (see the opening address by Norman Darvey in the Proceedings of the Second International Triticale Symposium in Passo Fundo in 1990).


Become a member

ITA offers individual membership and corporate membership (research institutes, breeding stations, associations, societies etc.).

ITA membership has a lot of benefits: Members enjoy reduced registration fees for ITA meetings. Every three or four years a symposium is held. These symposia are an open forum for all ITA members to discuss subjects of a wider interest. They have always been the main platform for presentation of the problems and challenges facing triticale breeding both for today and in the future.

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