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ITA was initially proposed at the first International Triticale Symposium at Sydney University by the late Norman Darvey and others in 1986.

Formal ratification and international support was verified at the Eucarpia Triticale meeting in Schwerin in 1987 (see the opening address by Norman Darvey in the Proceedings of the Second International Triticale Symposium in Passo Fundo in 1990).
Symposia have since been held on a four yearly cycle.
A small membership fee was charged for copies of the twice yearly International Edition of Triticale Topics which ran between December 1987 and 2005. It contained information of interest to the world triticale community and aimed to keep up momentum in the crop between the Symposia.
Robin Jessop edited these newsletters which were sent by mail to all members from the previous Symposia. The final newsletter in this format was in April 2005.

After the Covid pandemic in September 2023 several members of the International Triticale Association conducted an online
meeting to discuss future initiatives of the ITA.
Each participant expressed interest in revitalizing the activities of the ITA. The ITA should provide a
platform to exchange information about e.g. breeding or use of triticale. The consensus was that the
ITA should serve as a platform for the exchange of information, particularly regarding triticale
breeding and use. It was emphasized that the ITA could facilitate connections among researchers,
thereby fostering collaboration.
The organisation of an international symposium every 4 years is not sufficient to accomplish this.
Therefore, the proposal was made to organize shorter online meetings in between.
Nevertheless, we are still convinced of the advantages of the International Triticale Symposium in
which people from over the whole world can meet physically.
The 1st online ITA meeting was launched on 5th March 2024.

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